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Celebrity endorsements roll in for Zeroes and Ones

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To launch Zeroes and Ones into the world (August 1, everyone!), a whole bunch of celebrities have sent through their endorsements. (Thanks dudes!)

If you’ve been hiding under an Analytical Engine for the past year, you may not have heard of this incredible book.

Well, it’s going to change your life. Guaranteed.

And the lives of everyone you know. Also 100% guaranteed.

It’s my first non-fiction title: a fast and funny history of how computing went from cogs and chains to microchips and Snapchat. It’s chocka-block with trivia, stories, and weird facts about the people who developed computers…from the 1800s through to modern day.

Oh! And there’s even a section on fake news, click bait, and the sad truth that what you read on the internet doesn’t even have to be true.

Luckily, you know you can trust this website 🙂

And PS: The bits in bold are actually true. Cross my heart.

Ada_Lovelace-with-Zeroes-and-Ones-endorsement-SCharles_Babbage_with-Zeroes-and-Ones-endorsementEniac-with-Zeroes-and-Ones-endorsementUNIVAC_1_demo-with-Zeroes-and-Ones-endorsementUNIVAC-operators-with-Zeroes-and-Ones-endorsementsWomen_holding_parts_of_the_first_four_Army_computers-with Zeroes-and-Ones-endorsements

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