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Happy Launch Days: it’s (non-identical) twins

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It’s been a huge week! We’ve launched not one, but two of my books!! I’m hugely proud and strangely numb. It’s thrilling and gut-wrenchingly scary at the same time. Thank you to everyone who has helped with ideas, cups of tea, editing, fact-checking, moral support, graphic design, gorgeous illustrations, devastatingly cute robots, my mood swings, impossible deadlines, proof-reading, beta-reading, supposed-to-be-eating-dinner-reading and more. Thanks especially to my family, who inspired in me a love of bushwalking, a passion for reading, and an understanding of how important it is to sometimes just try turning your device on and off.

Time to paaaaarty!

August is also National Science Week and Children’s Book Week, so I’m going to be celebrating with a month-long book party….yeeeha!

And I hope I’m lucky enough to be celebrating with you!

I’ve booked loads of events at bookshops, schools and libraries across Perth and WA, so I hope to see you there! Many of these events are already booked out (thank yooooou!), but I’ll be posting details of future opportunities as they crop up…watch this space 🙂


Like a paper set of non-identical twins, Off The Track was born on 31 July and Zeroes and Ones followed hours later on 1 August.

(Thank goodness they’ll both be in the same year at school…imagine the confusion if they were born 30 June and 1 July ;-))

Off The Track is out with Fremantle Press, and Zeroes and Ones is published by Brio Books. You can buy them from all brilliant book shops, or request them at your local library. I dare you 🙂


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