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What kids can do with glue and haiku

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To Hedland I flew,

Friends and words mixed with red dirt

We wrote glue-haiku.

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I was lucky enough to spend a chunk of last week in Port Hedland visiting school kids and making poems at the West End Markets with Scribbler’s Fest and FORM WA. It was SUPER fun!

Not all the poetry the kids made was haiku. Some was freeform, some was prose.

All of it was thought-provoking and fascinating and fun. And lots of it made me laugh!

I had an absolute ball. I’m now Officially In Love with Hedland and the Pilbara.

The Port Hedland coffee was amazing, the cafe food fabulous, the landscape spectacular and the company an absolute hoot.

Thanks to the whole FORM team for making me feel so welcome and making me laugh. Especial thanks to Jeanine from the Port Hedland Visitors Centre for stocking gorgeous teapots, and to Deb for the courage to buy such a special teapot All For Myself.

And huge thanks to Maria for making it all happen….together we conquered airline food, invisible crocodiles, and even Putting Petrol Into A Hire Car. From here, I really don’t think anything can stop us.

Now, Children’s Book Week!

It’s here and it’s huge and… YAY!

Stories rock my world.







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