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What’s your lighthouse? “Get creative in your classroom” competition

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Fremantle Press are running a cool competition, and this is the sort of brilliant activity that might win it. I totally love this amazing creative writing, design and technology activity, inspired by To The Lighthouse.

The children designed and built their own lighthouses, then wrote a story about the history of their lighthouse: who built it and when, wany notable events in its history, and what’s happening with it now. AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Check out the chequered history of this haunted lighthouse…

The Duncraig Saviour, by Tracey

This supernatural lighthouse is built in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.It is called the Duncraig Saviour because it is found by Duncraig citizens. It is surrounded by vicious sharks and loads more dangerous things.

The Duncraig Saviour was thoughtfully built in 1310 and was successfully built by  William Shakespeare when he was only 22 and loads of people helped him.

Unfortunately, when the building was nearly done, the top part fell down and lots of men and women died. Also when the balcony fell of, there was great trouble.

The Duncraig Saviour is not in use any more. It is haunted because it has been left for a long time and that it has slid into the ocean. The little fence fell of. Now loads of people are trying to find The Duncraig Saviour and fix it but now so far, there is no success.

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