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Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Pip, Benji…and Meredith Costain

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Pip and M.jpgWhy have one adorable dog when you can have two?

This week on Dogs of the Rich and Famous we feature Pip and Benji, beloved four-legged coworkers of Australian author Meredith Costain. Too cute!

About Pip and Benji

Names: Pip (aka Pippus Rattus) and Benji (aka Benji Basenji)

Ages:  20 months (Pip) and 2 years (Benji)

Breeds (or best guess): Kelpie/red heeler cross and kelpie/blue heeler cross.

Perfect puppy cover005.jpgAssistant to: Author Meredith Costain

Meredith writes books for children with lots of music and dogs in them. These include Musical Harriet (which was adapted for TV by the ABC and has five dogs), Dog Squad (lots of dogs), Daddies are Great (dogs on every page), CBCA Honour Book Doodledum Dancing (lots of poems about dogs) and the quirky illustrated best-selling series the Ella Diaries, and new ’sister series’ Olivia’s Secret Scribbles (both featuring the same family dog, Bob).

She lives in an old inner-city bluestone house with her partner and co-dog wrangler Paul Collins and a menagerie of pets (including cats, chooks and fish as well as dogs).

(I think it’s fair to say Meredith LOVES dogs!)(and so do I :-))

Help or hindrance? “Help,” says Meredith. “Their antics and personalities provide loads of material for my books. Every day. They also keep me moving (after hours stuck in a desk chair) by reminding me it’s ‘park time’ with gentle nudges and growly noises.”

“They are also ‘naturals’ when it comes to social media promotion.”

Fave toy: Tennis balls for rounding up in the park.

Fave game: Rounding up the chooks in the garden.


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