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OFF THE TRACK to be serialised in Term 4

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Hooray! I’m super-excited to announce that Off The Track will be serialised in The West Australian’s ED! magazine in 2019.

Below is an interview I did to celebrate the news.

Now all I need to do is get out my editing blade and cut the book down to 10 excerpts of 1000 words each. Should be easy, right? (Right?) (Huh?)

west australian interview off the track


Why do you use local; nature spots as the settings for your stories?

I love to tell stories our children can identify with. It’s super-exciting to be able to picture exactly where a story is happening. And in this case, it’s not New York, it’s not London, it’s Western Australia, because cool stuff can happen here too.

I love to write adventures that happen outside, in the fresh air and the trees, because I want to encourage children and families to get outside and reconnect with nature.

Do you think more kids should be bugging their parents to take them exploring in the wilderness?

If your kid is bugging you for more time exploring in the wilderness, then you have it easy. Just say “Okay honey” and make it happen.

Where is your favourite place to explore the wilderness in WA?

I love the Bibbulmun Track, so it’s no surprise that this is the setting for Off The Track. The Bibb is so long, you can experience all kinds of wilderness across many different parts of WA. Wherever I’m hiking, I always have a feeling of being out in the world, of the enormity of nature. It helps me to put everyday problems and struggles into perspective.

What’s the best part about being an author?

I love that my job is always changing and I can dive deep into different stories and different ideas. I also love the extremes of my job. I can spend the morning alone in a silent room, and the afternoon at a school speaking to 500 kids. Whatever I’m doing, my goal is always to inspire kids to become keen readers and engaged citizens.

Do you have a favourite place in Perth?

I have loads of favourite places in Perth… The beach. King’s Park. Home. Fremantle. North Perth. Our living room on a sunny winter’s afternoon, when the sun streams in and the kids are playing together nicely (yes, this does happen).

Where do you write?

I do most of my writing at home. We have an open plan office-cum-library-cum-computer room. It’s also the dog’s room. She has her own couch and she can type on my keyboard if she jumps up in just the right spot. That’s how I know it’s time for a walk.

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