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WAYRBA, Notables and Woy Woy!


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Science writers of Australia, unite!

Yikes – it has been a busy start to the year. I’ve been speaking at libraries and schools and jetsetting to Sydney and retreating to Margaret River.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have two books longlisted for children’s book prizes: 

CBCA announcement.JPG

I was with a group of emerging writers at The Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft when we heard the CBCA news…


Both of these things are a dream come true. I get to have a little sticker on my books!

Plus (even better than the sticker), I have the feeling that children and adults are reading and enjoying and sharing conversations about my books. Wheeee! It’s the author’s equivalent of an Olympic medal and I feel I have run a marathon or two.

THANK YOU to each of *YOU* for helping along the way. 

There are more marathons to run, but it’s way more fun to run with company 🙂 (PS: I’m more of a fast walker, myself).

WA penthouse accommodation.jpg

Some WA children’s book creators rocking Sydney’s penthouse accommodation 😉 

Side trip to Woy Woy

I know many of you will be asking, how did you do all this and a trip to Woy Woy too? Well, the answer is, I made a terrible, terrible mistake.

I accidentally missed my train change and ended up on an express to Woy Woy instead of hopping to Beecroft.

This resulted in an approximately three hour detour, which was initially horrifying (WHAT HAVE I DONE?? WHERE WILL I SLEEP??) but ended up extremely relaxing (I am chronically early, so managed to arrive only ten minutes late for my Beecroft event)(Plus, the train ride to Woy Woy is beautiful! Although I recommend you plan your trip first :-))


WOy WOy.jpg

Woy Woy: Why would you go anywhere else?

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  1. Why why Woy Woy?
    (Someone had to say it!)


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