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Takeshita Demons celebrate 10 years…and Hashimoto Monsters are go!

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Are you all by yourself right now? Then it’s time to party!!!

It’s party time…all by ourselves!

Let’s celebrate my TEN-YEAR BOOK BIRTHDAY!!!!

It has been ten years since the Takeshita Demons series — my debut books! — were published. They met with (what I think is) astounding success, winning a prize, featuring on the BBC’s Blue Peter, being selected for a UK-wide BookTrust promotion, published into five countries and translated into two other languages.

To celebrate, I’m re-releasing all three books and adding a bonus fourth book (set underwater in the realm of the Dragon King). These books are best for kids aged 8 to 12 who like adventure and ghost stories/Goosebumps. They’re also great for anyone who loves Japan and Japanese mythology.

A new name, a new look

3Dcovers Hashimoto Monsters

Hashimoto Monsters

After ten years, I felt the text needed refreshing and I also wanted to try for an easier-to-pronounce title (Seriously, noone knows how to say Takeshita :-)]

So I gave the text a spritz and I gave Miku a new surname: Hashimoto. (Takeshita means “under the bamboo” while Hashimoto means “under the bridge”.)

The result? Hashimoto Monsters.

I hope a whole new generation of readers will enjoy being part of Miku’s adventures.

For now I’m just making these books available digitally, which means you can grab a copy from any online bookstore, including Amazon, Amazon Australia and Smashwords.

And since we’re all going through tough times right now, I’m making the first book FREE and heavily discounting the others HERE for a limited time.

Teaching notes and activities

Want some teaching notes and activities to go with the books? Head HERE.


Reviews for the series

“A gripping, superbly written debut novel” – Writeaway

“Two young girls being brave and clever without a hint of pink or glitter on the cover? Hooray!” – The Age

“Perfect for those that like their monsters gross rather than gory” – Inis Magazine, Ireland

A thrilling contemporary adventure wittily shot through with the powerful fantasy stories of the old demons from the Japanese past.”  – Julia Eccleshare of LoveReading4Kids

“A compulsive read.” – Parents in Touch UK

“One of my favourite series for younger, confident readers.” – My Favourite Book Blog

“A trio of whirling weasel assassin spirits with Freddy Krueger–style claws ambush a Japanese-British child on an abandoned farm. Whoo-hoo!” –  Kirkus Reviews

I really liked the first 2 instalments, but I LOVE this one!..Like Spirited Away combined with a Famous Five camaraderie” – GoodReads

“This is one to give to the adventure loving nine or ten year old kid who likes being a little scared–some of the demons are more than somewhat frightening (although there’s no goryness).” – Charlotte’s Library


Want to know more about Japanese monsters?

Japanese monsters are better known as yokai (妖怪) and they’re awesome!!

There are monsters to clean your bathroom, monsters to tickle the back of your neck, monsters that go bump in the night… Yokai have featured in Japanese fairy tales, folklore and mythology for centuries. Scholars have been cataloguing yokai species in encyclopedias and databases since the 1770s.

But yokai are far from old news. They’re a hugely popular part of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and manga and they feature in everything from bank advertisements to sushi bars. Last month I chatted with Will Yeoman for an article on yokai for The West Australian on just this very topic.

Check out the yokai featured in Hashimoto Monsters Book 1Book 2 and Book 3.



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