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Get online! Tips, tricks, writing competitions and inspiration

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If you’re a keen writer (or  know a keen writer), it’s pretty much your wildest-dreams, writerly-smorgasbord on the internet right now. There’s just so much to learn, do, practice and be inspired by, and the coming weeks are no exception.

If you’re keen to hang out online, have a question you’d love answered, want inspiration for your own writing journey, or just want to see inside my house, now is your chance!

Wednesday May 13 4.30pm WST


Perfect for young writers who want to write strong short stories

Grab your free tickets here. Link will be sent out 2 hours prior to the event.

[Do you live in South Perth and have a story you just LOVE? Why not enter the South Perth Young Writers Awards. Entries close 1 June]

Cristy Burne Literature Champion

Monday May 18  5-6pm WST

Using Science to Inspire Creative Writing

Write victory from the jaws of defeat


As part of the incredible-but-cancelled-due-to-COVID19 Literary Festival Extravaganza that is #LitFest2444, check out my workshop:

Science, creativity, and other ways to write victory from the jaws of defeat.

Go to the #LitFest2444 Facebook event page for more information.

[And guess what? I’m not the only artist #LitFest2444 are making available online… These workshops are perfect for teen writers and creators]

Connecting Through Creativity

Scribblers Festival: Connecting Through Creativity entries due 26 June


Want to win $500 in prizes? Scribblers Festival is challenging you to get creative with visual storytelling to explore the topic of CONNECTIVITY during the global COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

I’ll be there to inspire you and guide you through the process, along with three other amazing creative mentors, James Foley, Remy Lai and Beci Orpin.

Do you have a question on creativity, connectivity (or anything else that starts with ‘c’)(what’s that? you have a question that starts with a different letter?… …. … Well, okay, send that too!) that you’d love us to answer? Send it through!

Armadale Young Writers Awards

Armadale Young Writer’s Awards: entries due 30 June 2020


Do you live in or around Armadale? Enter the Armadale Young Writer’s Awards. This creative writing competition is open to students in Years 3 to 12 who reside or attend school in the City of Armadale.

I was lucky enough to meet last year’s winners and read their work…it was AWESOME! I’d love to work with you on your entry this year.

To help you out, I’ll be making a couple of videos to answer your questions and give you a boost!

How many questions can you send? As many as you can think of! Go for it! Email your questions now!


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