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8 Gr8 story writing tips for young writers

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banner-img03Want some Gr8 story writing tips for young writers? Want to get more creative with your writing?

Check out my eight great tips for young writers…

1: Give Yourself A Drum GRoll:

Writing is fun, but it’s also hard. If you sit down to make a fun story, you’re a legend. If you finish your story, you’re even more of a legend. You should be proud of yourself for writing. I’m proud of you. You’re basically a wizard.



2: Break The GRules:

Go wild with your writing. Be yourself. Surprise your readers. You are the only person who can be the World’s Leading Expert on What You Do, Who You Are and The Wild And Wacky Things You Want To Think Up.

3: Stick To The GRules:

You don’t have to reinvent the art of storytelling. Most stories follow the same rules (and yes, they are the narrative rules you learn at school), so bend the rules if you want, but also remember the rules if you ever get stuck. Having a problem, a complication, a resolution…all these things are part of a great story.

4: Don’t GRush:

Your ideas are AWESOME, so don’t rush them. If you have an idea you can’t wait to write down, force yourself to write it slowly: include all the little details. Don’t tell me he was stinky. Take time to write a scene that shows me how half the class fainted when he took off his socks.

5: Celebrate The GRepulsive:

Everyone has bad days or awful experiences or incredibly embarrassing moments. When these things happen to you, just say “Yes! Thank you!” and use them as fuel for your stories. Example: “Yes! Thank you leeches for sucking my blood!”

6: Do Your GResearch:

Amazing facts can fire up your fiction. If you’re ever stuck for what should happen next, try researching for some inspiration. Writing a comedy? Did you know flies vomit on their food before they eat it? Writing a dystopia? Maggots are being investigated as a future food. Writing a horror? Try flesh-eating maggot farms. Writing a romance? Don’t research flies.

inspiration 2015

7: Revise, Revise, GRevise:

When you’ve finished writing your story, give yourself a hug and at least a day’s break, then write it all again. (I know. This bit sucks. But it’s totally worth it if you want to be a GR8 writer.) Is your character’s goal clear? Have you shared how your character is feeling? Look for places you can add funny details, or sentences where you can choose more interesting words. Can you use dialogue to bring characters to life? Can you replace a simile as old as the sun with one that shines as fresh as a baboon’s bottom?

8: Read, Read, GRead:

Read what other writers are writing. The more you read, the easier it becomes to write the stories you love.

I hope this helps you with your story ideas and creative writing!!!


Happy GR8 story writing!

Download this as a PDF here: Cristy Burne GR8 Tips for Writing GR8 Short Stories

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