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Cover reveal! Fiona Wood: Inventor of spray-on skin

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Fiona Wood cover 3D with spine-no backgroundI’ve been working with Professor Fiona Wood to tell the story of her life. Yep. You read that right. I can’t believe it myself.

About this time last year, Fiona graciously agreed to be part of a new series of narrative non-fiction biographies for ages 10+, telling the life stories of Australia’s STEM stars.

Published by Wild Dingo Press, the Aussie STEM Stars series follows inspiring Australians from their childhood battles to their modern-day triumphs. The series kicks off this September with three huge titles:

Aussie STEM Stars three coversFiona Wood: Inventor of spray-on skin, told by Cristy Burne

Georgia Ward-Fear: Reptile biologist and explorer, told by Claire Saxby

Munjed Al Muderis: From refugee to surgical inventor, told by Dianne Wolfer

Passion, courage, humanity, science

I’ve read all three of these Aussie STEM Star titles and they’re AMAZING! Incredible stories of ordinary people who decided to stand up for something, to do something, to live passionately and use their lives to make a difference by harnessing human energy, and by embracing science and technology.

I cannot begin to express how lucky I feel to have worked with Fiona on this book. I admired Fiona Wood before this book. Now I’ve lived and breathed and dreamed Fiona Wood, and I admire her even more. I’m absolutely in awe of her generosity and courage. She is a hero.

The first review is in!

And guess what? It’s by me.
Yes, I’m unashamedly reviewing a book I wrote. And I’m giving it five stars. Because we should all walk a mile in Fiona’s shoes.

“I think everyone who meets Fiona comes away affected and uplifted. It was an extraordinary honour to work with Fiona to tell her story, and I recommend everyone has the chance to read it. She’s a wonder!” Cristy Burne

(Disclaimer: Yes, I wrote the words in this book, but Fiona told the stories, and this is her life. It’s uplifting and inspiring, and adults and children alike will love it. Fiona is amazing.)

Cover and back copy LATEST

From defending the weak and fixing the broken to fighting for her chance to study medicine, the story of plastic surgeon and spray-on skin inventor Fiona Wood shows us the value of dreams, hard work and having the courage to do what is right.

An inspiring story of spirit and stamina, generosity and courage.

Pre-order it here.

Find out more about Fiona Wood and support her incredible work by checking out the Fiona Wood Foundation.

For more information on the book, head here.

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