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Happy Book Birthday to Aussie STEM Stars!

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Happy Book Birthday to this wonderful story! The true life of Prof Fiona Wood, burns surgeon, inventor, Australian of the Year and National Living Treasure.

Aussie STEM Stars: Celebrating scientists as heroes

The release of this book is part of the launch of the Aussie STEM Stars series… Aussie STEM Stars is an innovative and inspiring new series of narrative non-fiction biographies, written especially for upper primary readers.

Published by Wild Dingo Press, each book tells the story of a world-leading Australian scientist, from childhood through to the magnificent achievements that made them famous.

Were they smart?

Were they rich?

Was it easy for them to do what they did?

Writing the Fiona Wood biography for this series was just a sensational experience. I was so gobsmacked to have the opportunity to work with Fiona, to hear her story. And so nervous about the massive challenge and responsibility of doing justice to her story. What a huge job!!! To tell the true story of such an inspiring, important person. (Fiona would probably cringe to see me call her that, but it’s true!)

I worked really hard on this book, because I had to get it right. It’s not my story, and that makes it all the more vital to tell it well. All my fingers and toes are crossed hoping that I did a good job.

What does a good job entail? I want readers to come away inspired, encouraged, humbled, determined, excited and feeling braver than when they started. No small order, but I really hope that’s what we’ve achieved.

Recommended for 10- to 13-year-old readers….and their adults 🙂


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