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Aussie STEM Stars: We have launch!

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Last Friday, Dianne Wolfer and I worked with the team at Paper Bird childrens books to launch the Aussie STEM Stars series!

Thank you to our amazing speakers for your time and inspiration and for spreading hope and good news!

It was only a small launch…we filled the room with RSVPs in just the first few hours, and I’m so sorry more of you couldn’t be there to help celebrate with us. It was such a gorgeous night.

Scientist and illustrator extraordinaire Aśka did a superb job of launching and MCing the whole evening. The room was buzzing with excitement and hope and laughter…

Thank you everyone for supporting this series. If ever there was a time for inspiring true stories of finding success despite adversity, of working towards a better future for all, now would be that time.

Di Lim from the Fiona Wood Foundation speaking about the project at the launch

We were incredibly lucky to have Di Lim from the Fiona Wood Foundation, who spoke about her involvement with the project.

Di was my first point of contact with Fiona and has been working with me for over a year to bring the book, Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray-on Skin, to children everywhere. She spoke so passionately about Fiona’s inspiring journey, her belief in the power of science and technology, and her hopes for the series. She quite literally brought me to tears.

Danny Burkett also spoke. Danny’s brother lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and became Munjed al Muderis‘ first osseointegration patient. It was a real privilege to hear his first-hand account of how Munjed’s innovative work changed his brother’s life.

And although Clair Saxby couldn’t be with us, Sally Murphy shared some of the inspiring achievements of Georgia Ward-Fear, an environmental scientist who shows kids just how much difference one person can make.

There’s another launch in Albany, Western Australia, this Friday night, and hopefully the celebrations will continue online and on couches as kids and their parents and librarians discover these amazing stories.

Can’t be with us in person?

If you can’t celebrate with us in person, check out these amazing resources:

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