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Welcome to Boola Bardip, your new (and fabulous) WA Museum

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Excitement! After four years of waiting, the new WA Museum is open — and it has a new name: Boola Bardip, meaning ‘many stories’ in Noongar.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peek through this super achievement last Monday…and WOW! You’ll love it. Your kids will love it! It really does tell many stories.

More than 54,000 people were involved in creating this museum in one way or another. Nearly half a million people entered the ballot for first-week tickets (!! Isn’t that wonderful!!)

As a science writer, I was thrilled to be one small part of the incredible team who worked to create this mammoth cultural treasure. (I worked to help edit some of the interpretative panels in the Origins gallery – a gorgeous space that celebrates Western Australia from stardust to ancient civilisation to today.)

The gallery is amazing. So much detail, so much thought, so many cool ways to interact. Perhaps my favourite interaction is the dinosaur footprints you can spend hours making alongside the massive sauropod, or the chance to watch peacock spiders dance, build with ant-sized robots, touch meteorites, journey through time and space with the WA Museum team alongside to guide you on your way.

So let’s celebrate! This is a dynamic, extraordinary space that let’s us listen to many different people share their experience of what it means to be West Australian… Make sure you check it out, and add your voice to the story.

What an incredible journey, and what a privilege to have been one tiny cog in the story-telling machine. I’m so grateful!

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