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A cracker of an adventure!

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I was lucky enough to be featured in the West Australian in the week leading up to the release of Beneath the Trees… It’s a super-short intro to me and to the book, but I really love it. I hope you do too 🙂

Hi, I’m Cristy Burne!

Three cheers for science, creativity and adventure! I write books that mix these super-ingredients into stories that inspire kids to explore our world—and to create their place in it. I’m a scientist, author, speaker, dog-person and lover of chocolate. And I’m so proud of all that our next generation are achieving.

I can’t wait for Beneath The Trees in February 2021. It’s a cracker of an adventure based on a real-life family holiday when our kids were in Year 2 and Year 4. There are raging rivers, injured platypus, laughs, disasters, surprises—and a trio of cousins who must work together to earn their happy ending.

Beneath The Trees is set in sub-tropical rainforest in Queensland, one of the best places in the universe to see wild platypus. How cool are platypus! Egg-laying mammals with webbed feet, venomous spurs and an extraordinary sixth sense called electro-reception… Mind = blown.

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