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Welcome, Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows

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Today is publication day for Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows!


This is a fantasy adventure I co-authored with debut author Denis Knight, and the first of three Wednesday Weeks books (the second one is out in September – can’t wait!!). MOLTEN TO THE MAX!!

It’s always nerve-wracking to bring a new book into the world, and for some reason I feel particularly nerve-wracked to welcome Wednesday Weeks.

Maybe because she’s a shared creation?

Maybe because it’s a three-book deal and the pressure is on?

Maybe because it has been So Much Hard Work to get to this point?

Maybe because I love her so much and really-really-really hope other people love her too…

Anyway, the adventure has begun!

And I hope you can come help us celebrate! We’re having a kid-focused launch party on May 15 and we really hope you can join us! Details below – tickets are free but you need to book 🙂

THANK YOU – and happy reading!

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