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It has been a crazy-busy time with loads of fun news!


My biography of Dr Fiona Wood, part of the Aussie STEM Stars series, has been shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards. YAY!

These awards aim to promote quality Australian books that help children get the best, most literate start in life. Each book is judged on its appeal to children, interactive quality and ability to assist speech pathologists and parents in communication and literacy development.

Huge congratulations to Fiona Wood for her courage and determination, and to Wild Dingo Press for their vision in publishing the Aussie STEM Stars series, and to the Fiona Wood Foundation for their ongoing contribution towards making tomorrow better. I am so proud of this book and so thrilled to see Fiona’s story honoured like this. Fiona’s story is incredible and uplifting and an inspiring read for anyone aged 10+ (..including adults! 😜)


We have an official cover for Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny, which is out September 1, just five weeks away!!!!

Like Book 1, this is an adventure stuffed full of cool fantasy settings, funny jokes and full-throttle adventure. There’s a giant pinball machine of doom, a floating fortress, killer fungus, troll podiatry and more.

You can pre-order your copy now from all good book stores.

And check out these awesome reviews for Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows:

‘Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows is full of peculiar creatures and charismatic adversaries in strange realms, and yes, magic! … This is a science book for budding fantasy fans and a fantasy book for young science wizzes but ultimately the good humour, relatable characters and colourful plot makes it a fun read for everyone.’ 

– Lee Constable, TV & Online Presenter⁠

‘This is another great book that celebrates friendship. It celebrates difference and allows kids to see themselves in Alfie and Wednesday – in a variety of ways that celebrates what makes us different and special and shows that it is wonderful when it is our interests, rather than physical similarities, that unite us and bring us together…a story that uses tropes and themes common in fantasy, but takes a wonderfully new and inventive stance on the fantasy novel. A wonderful start to a new series!’

– Ashleigh Meikle, Book Blogger


If you want to listen to me talk about writing and reading and creating and messing about, I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed on several awesome podcasts recently. If you feel like a dose of Cristy Burne in your living room, check out:

1) me and the amazing Allison Tait chatting on the super-helpful podcast So You Want To Be A Writer;

2) me and Wednesday Weeks co-author Denis Knight chatting with kid-podcaster extraordinaire Red Loosey for the Scribbler’s Festival podcasts;

3) me and Denis chatting with the Mama Mia team about raising science kids vs arts kids (and is that even a thing??) on This Glorious Mess podcast; and

4) me and Denis chatting with superstar Dani Vee about co-authoring, pancakes and joy on the always-interesting and inspiring Words and Nerds podcast.


This next month or so I’ll be out and about at schools and libraries and I really hope to see you at one of these events.

If I’m not visiting your school, let’s hang out anyway! Want to spend some time playing with science, then channel that fun into your creative writing? Sign up for this fun-and-free after-school workshop at Thornlie Library… Suitable for kids aged 8+Wed, August 25, 2021; 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM AWST.


Scribblers Festival was totally awesome! Thanks to everyone who came along and who contributed to making it so much fun!!! (And thanks to Sundae Studio for the cool shot!)


At last, my lifelong ambition to be featured as a covergirl has come true! 😉

But seriously, what a cool honour (and wild surprise!) to find myself on the front cover of the Professional Journal of the WA School Library Association for July 2021.

Thanks so much to the WASLA team for featuring my article 🙂 It’s all about why we get out of bed in the morning…(and only some of it is about coffee, I promise ;-)).

Instead, it’s about how lucky we are to have the opportunity to make such a huge difference in the lives of the children we work with.

I feel incredibly lucky to be working in a job I love, surrounded by people who are awesome, writing about things that make me laugh and give me hope.

I hope you have a fantastic National Science Week and Children’s Book Week (costume hint: if you go as Wednesday Weeks with a streak in your hair, please send photos!).

Hooray for children’s literature! (And hooray for coffee too :-))

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