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CBCA Children’s Book Week costume ideas

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It’s that Book Week time of year! If you’re looking for costume ideas, or you’re keen to dress up as a book character from an Australian book, or (like me) you’d love suggestions for an awesome-but-also-quick-and-easy costume idea, check out these…

You can:

– adopt the sass of Wednesday Weeks and dye a streak of hair

– take the weather-friendly option and dress in a yellow raincoat like Cam or Sophie from Beneath the Trees

– choose method acting and dress as Harry from Off The Track (complete with grumpy attitude)

– embrace Take Your Skull To School Day and escort Bruce from Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows

– choose the Covid-friendly book week costume and include a face mask when you dress as Fiona Wood and celebrate one of our most awesome Aussie STEM Stars.

Whatever costume you choose to wear, I hope you have a whole heap of FUN dressing up as your favourite children’s book character! And a huge thanks to the Children’s Book Council of Australia for being such huge supporters of Children’s Book Week every year!

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