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Free curriculum-linked TO THE LIGHTHOUSE activity booklet

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Are you keen to teach To The Lighthouse in the classroom?

Perhaps you want to explore Isaac and Emmy’s story more deeply?

Or are you looking for curriculum-linked activity ideas that explore literacy, technology, arts, maths, HASS, sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture?

You’ve come to the right place!

You can download the free 27-page To The Lighthouse activity booklet here.

There are also curriculum-linked teaching notes for To The Lighthouse here.

About To the Lighthouse
SHORTLISTED 2019 West Australian Young Readers Book Award
By Cristy Burne
Illustrations by Amanda Burnett
Published by Fremantle Press
ISBN (PB): 9781925164619
Year level: Y3–6

– Sustainability
– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

Y3–6 English Y3–6 History/Geography Y3–6 Biological Science

• Family
• Friendship
• Adventure
• Honesty
• Forgiveness


‘Burne channels the restless energy of a pre-teen chafing at parental restrictions, and the thrill of pushing against the rules, even in small ways. She captures the essence of holidays, with hot chips at the beach and long bike rides. [Four stars]’ Books+Publishing

‘The illustrations were so cool because they were detailed. I liked that the author used sounds to describe the setting and the feel, not just saying what it was and used very descriptive words.’ Bailey, age 10, YARR-A

‘This is a terrific little junior novel: well-written, with just the right balance of naughtiness and retribution.’ Readings Monthly

‘Burne’s writing is lively and energetic and she has a gift for bringing characters and setting vividly to life on the page.’ Buzz Words

‘Cristy Burne has an easy-to-read writing style and students will enjoy her touches of humour interspersed throughout the novel … Highly recommended.’ Magpies

‘It is a wonderful read for both boys and girls … It is about adventure, fun, and making friends, whilst also being a very real lesson in trust and telling the truth.’ Lamont Books

Author: cristyburne


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