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Blasting into 2022!

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Hey team!

I’m writing this in the second week of school and my creative juices are ALIVE! I just love summer holidays: they’re such a great time to rest and think and refuel the body and soul. And I also love going back to school. Because kids and learning and doing are what it’s all about.

If you’re in to doing this month, there are loads of things to get involved in:

Perth Writers Festival

The 2022 Writers Weekend is on this year under the glorious trees of the Fremantle Arts Centre. There’s more information online, but what you most need to know is I’ll be there to work with you on telling a STEM-inspired creative story from 10:30am-10:55am for Family Day on 27 Feb! Free event.


If you’re a kid who loves making stuff with words – and you’re also curious about your world and science and STEM, then get on board for Term 2 of StoryLab! I’ll be your host and we’ll have a heap of fun writing with other keen writers. Bookings here.

WAYRBA voting

I’m *so stoked* to see OFF THE TRACK is shortlisted for a WA Young Readers Book Award. If you’re a kid and you live in WA then you can vote for your favourite books here. And remember: a vote for OFF THE TRACK is a vote for chocolate and icecream and adventures 😉

A Night With Our Stars

One for the adults-only crowd. ANWOS22 is on again and it’s always a sparkling highlight of the CBCA WA social calendar. There are laughs, there are book discounts (20% off if you pre-order through WestBooks) and there’s loads of opportunity to catch up with friends. I love it! Tickets sell fast and you can grab your ticket here.

The Lit Centre

Don’t miss out on this year’s Year 6 Young Writer’s Collective at the Lit Centre. I’ll be taking the Term 1 sessions and it’s going to be awesome! Find out more and secure your spot here.

Make stuff

If you get a quiet moment, check out these TO THE LIGHTHOUSE activity ideas. Maybe you’d like to write a diary from the perspective of a lighthouse keeper. Or you’re keen to design your own high-tech roller-coaster secret-tunnels all-in-one lighthouse? There are loads of ideas to check out.

Have fun!

This year is going to be a doozy! Remember to make time to laugh and create and catch up with your friends. And if there’s no time, just go for a five-minute walk. How beautiful is the great outdoors!?!?

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