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What Wednesday Weeks is that?


Buckle up for a whole heap of #WednesdayWeeks news!

1) Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows is a CBCA Notable Book for 2022. Yay!

2) Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny could be even faster and funnier than Tower of Shadows (!?! is that even possible!?!?!), according to a highly scientific survey of random people and anecdotal feedback from early readers.

3) Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire has a cover!! Co-author extraordinaire Denis Knight and I revealed it live on-stage using toilet paper and matching leaf blowers as part of CBCA WA’s A Night With Our Stars 2022. Yeeeha! Photos below!

You can pre-order your copy of Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire NOW!

4) And as if all this awesome news wasn’t enough, @coffeebooksandmagic posted a super-lovely totally-gets-it review of Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows this week….and it makes me glow all over. Thank you to everyone to reviews children’s books and shares the love.

“This book is a non-stop middle grade fantasy joyride from start to finish. It’s like Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones but with STEM. It’s like a kid’s coding app and an escape room had a baby and that baby was a book…

The first person narrative voice of Year 6er Wednesday is zippy, fun and irreverent, and a great sense of wry humour pervades the storytelling. Madcap, imaginative and amusing situations abound, and the friendships carry just the right amount of depth for this type and level of story.

This is a book that is truly aimed at its target audience – i.e. 8-12 year olds – and I am so here for that.” 


View the cover reveal video here.

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2 thoughts on “What Wednesday Weeks is that?

  1. The toilet rolls look amazing
    Sorry we missed it!


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