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Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire by Cristy Burne and Denis Knight

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PullUpBannerWednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire is OUT!!!! I’m so excited and nervous and relieved.

It was a huge effort by myself and gallant co-author Denis Knight, and I’m so happy with the result 😍😁😅

And it TOTALLY makes my day to see reviews like this one:


(And don’t forget: if you’ve joined my mailing list and then post something this term with the hashtag #WednesdayWeeks then you’re in the running to win copies of Dungeon of Fire, or your very own Bruce-and-Alfie-Junior earrings!!!! Wooooo!!!!)

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Title: Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire

A brown boy with a sword, a tiny robot, a girl with a blue hair streak, and an old man in roves with a staff run away from lava. Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire by Denis Knight and Cristy Burne,

Author: Cristy Burne and Denis Knight

Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism

Publisher: Lothian/Hachette

Published: 27th July 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 290

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: Gorgomoth the Unclean is back and he’s up to no good, of course. Can Wednesday and the gang beat Gorgomoth to the long-lost Stone of Power, or will the world be plunged into Never-Ending Darkness?

Just when it seems like Wednesday and Alfie might finally be free to get on with their lives without Gorgomoth ruining everything, the Unclean one rears his ugly head again.

This time Gorgomoth is on the trail of the long-lost Stone of Power, which he will be able to use to rule the nine realms and bring about the Third Age of Never-Ending Darkness.

Now Wednesday and the gang must beat Gorgomoth to the stone and pass three trials to see who is…

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