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Cristy Burne

Cristy Burne is an award-winning internationally published children’s author working on the intersection of story, science, technology and creativity.

Cristy has worked at CERN (home of the Large Hadron Collider!), at Questacon (as part of a science circus!), and in a ute (as a rubbish collector!). She has also bungee-jumped, sky-dived, back-packed, and exploded sewage on her neighbour.

Cristy’s books have been shortlisted for the WA Premier’s Book Awards and the Wilderness Society’s Environment Award for Children’s Literature, won the WA Young Readers Book Awards, and been recognised as Notable Books in the Children’s Book Council of the Australia awards.

Cristy is passionate about science, creativity and adventure. 
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Before I became an Incredibly Famous children’s author, I was a science circus performer, garbage analyst, Santa’s pixie, magazine editor and atom-smashing reporter (at CERN in Switzerland). I was working at CERN when they turned on the atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Below is a picture of me walking to work through sunflower fields on the way to work (for real).CERN 048

– I’ve slept out (alone) on the Great Wall of China, travelled the Southern Silk Road in an ancient 4WD with no spare tire, and paddled for five days down the Whanganui River with my husband and two kids.

– My best-selling children’s book Takeshita Demons won the 2009 Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Book Award and was selected as part of the UK’s Booktrust Booked Up program. The book was inspired by my time in Japan, where I lived for three years, working as a teacher, editor and translator. I also learned to scuba dive in Japan (sugoi desu ne!).

–  I also work as a science journalist and have written about giant wetas, DNA technology, women’s boxing, Japanese paragliding and jellyfish swarms (just to name a few). My first published magazine article was about the science of ear wax. You can read it here.

–  I have a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication, and a Masters in Professional Communication. I have taught at Curtin University for several years (I taught Writing for Children and Communicating With Asia For Engineers at Curtin University, but never at the same time ;-)).

–  My first children’s manuscript, One Weekend with Killiecrankie, won a Young and Emerging Writer fellowship at Australia’s Varuna House and went on to win the 2008 Voices on the Coast writing competition.

– You can follow me on Twitter, or on Facebook, or Instagram, but be careful with the spelling (people always spell my name wrong: I get Christie Bern, Chris Burns, Christy Burns, Christie Burne, Kristy Burns…you name it!)

– I grew up on a kiwifruit orchard in New Zealand and spent my childhood climbing trees, jumping drains, herding cows and inventing stories.

– I volunteered for six years with SCBWI Australia West, including three years as Assistant Regional Advisor. I’ve also worked as Curator of WA’s biennial HeARTlines Children’s Literature and Book Illustration Festival from 2013 – 2018.

– I love dark chocolate, hiking, energetic people, dogs, bicycles, opportunities and good luck.

–  I dislike queues, banks, cats, and having cold feet.

–  I think I was a cute kid 🙂

31 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve nominated your blog for Liebster award. If you’d like to participate I have a list of questions on this page, but if not, please just take this as a compliment!


  2. Hi. I’m Kirsten, I saw you at canning bridge library for apple cross primary school in perth…


  3. i love your books uspesherly takeshita demons


  4. Hi Cristy!

    I just found out about you. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but they sound really fun! I am a former JET as well, and I have kaidan-themed blog.

    I look forward to checking out your books!

    Zack Davisson

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    • Hi Zack,
      Yep…I know (and subscribe to) your blog! Some very spooky stories are told there!! I didn’t know you were a JET though…
      I spent this morning scaring some Year 5/6 students with some of Japan’s yokai and legends and they came away pretty excited. It’s such a rich subject area. I keep learning more and more and loving every story!
      I hope you enjoy the books….


  5. Thanks Takis!

    The Kwaidan exhibition looks amazing:

    If any of you lovely blog readers are in Japan and interested in the man who first translated so many of Japan’s spooky ghost stories, you will love to check this exhibition out:


  6. Hi,

    Please send me your email.
    I will like to send you the press release for Kwaidan exhibition


  7. Hey Caz! Great to see you too, and your blog is terrific. I just discovered your post on Gordon Korman’s presentation: I love his stuff! (The link is here:


  8. I’m excited to think that a ‘Filth Licker’ could possibly come to my home and lick my bathroom clean 😀 YEH! Look forward to reading. Great hearing you talk at ANWOS last night.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hey Kate!
    That’s great to hear…I’m pretty excited by The Filth Licker coming out next year…I think it’s even more exciting than Takeshita Demons 🙂 And I love the Filth Licker 🙂
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Takeshita Demons! Thanks for letting me know 🙂 🙂


  10. hello, you dont know me but i am a really big fan of ur book Takeshita Demons. I got it from the program Booked Up. Its just brilliant. I finished it all in just one day. I cant wait until your next book comes out.

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  11. Hey Jose!
    Great to hear from you! How’s New Orleans? And what’s sequential art? Let us know if you’re ever down Australia way! And spread the Takeshita Demons word: I’ll see if I can swing a book tour to the US 🙂


  12. Hey Cristy,

    Jose here from New Orleans via Saga ken. Congrats on your success. Used to work at a children’s book store in New York in 2004. Would’ve been fun if you had some stuff out then to do a signing. Working on some projects myself but mostly in sequential art. Writing is definitely the funner part of the job ne!



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  13. Hey Troy! Great to hear from you 🙂 Hugs to you and yours! Will be in touch 🙂


  14. hey Chriss hope this finds you and yours well awsome stuff on the books mate allways knew you had them in you. drop me a line and we will have a proper catch up
    talk soon

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  15. YAY! Thanks everyone for your comments 🙂
    Sam: Reading books is the biggest inspiration for writing books: I love being in another world and it’s very cool to think about making your own world.
    Fahima: Yes! Secret books x3 are in my bottom drawer, but at least one of them will never get published (I used ideas from bits of it to write The Filth Licker)
    Happy reading!! (What are you reading now?)


  16. i love your books and im a MASSIVE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Hiya im a big fan of ur books !!!

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  18. hiya i love your books dere ssssssssoooooooooooooooo interesting do u have any secret books at the bottom of your drawer


  19. Hi Can You tell me what started making you think about writing books or what inspired you? 😀


  20. Well hello there!!

    Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for the delay I am actually on mat leave from CSIRO. I have 6 month old little girl. these days. I see you are also in the family way 😉 Great blog by the way.

    I will send a proper update later….in the meantime really nice to hear from you. Can you please send me your email address?



  21. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu Yuichi-san!
    Great to hear from you again…and thanks for your support! It’s amazing the places the JET programme has taken me…this is another on the long list! Thanks for all your efforts!


  22. Omedetou-gozaimasu ! Christy-san.

    Yuichi @ JET Programme Coordinator in WA


  23. Thanks Kim and Megan! (and to Nick for spreading the word :-))…It’s crazy (but fun) to be birthing a child at the same time as a book…one thing I’ve wanted for a long time and the other just kind of crept up on me.
    And however hard it seems to try and get a book published, I think having a baby will be a whole lot easier! I look forward to your advice Megan!
    Mata ne!


  24. Hi Cristy,

    Congratulations on your book, I look forward to buying it for my kids. Wow! We got an email from our local JETAA President, Nick John.

    Congratulations for your family news also. Its great that the book has been signed up, hopefully you can rest and enjoy.

    Kind regards,

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  25. Hey Cristy, hisashiburi!!
    Just got an e-mail from the Jet alumni about your recent success with your book. Big congrats for that, and it seems to not be the only thing that congrats are called for 😀
    Hope I get a chance to read the book once published!
    And I just had a quick look at your blog, noticed your comment about Under The Mountain by Maurice Gee being a fave of yours as a kid. Not sure I read that one, but his Half Men of O was my fave as a kid. Nice!
    mata ne!

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