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From Ben, Charles, Josie, Lara and Shiya (who have just read Off The Track): Have you ever walked the Bibbulmun Track?

From Cristy: Yes…and no. I’ve walked some sections of the Bibbulmun Track, but the whole track would take about six weeks of non-stop walking to complete, and I’m nowhere near having completed it. One day I’d love to take a six-week holiday and fill my pack with food and water and warm clothes and head out on an adventure! I love hiking on the Bibb…it always makes me feel relaxed and peaceful and CREATIVE!

From Claire: How did you find out about snottygobbles?

From Cristy: How cool are snottygobbles?!?!? I love them! I first learned about snottygobbles when I was walking along a stretch of the Bibbulmun Track and saw this bright lime green tree that seemed unlike all the other trees around it. My sister (children’s author HM Waugh) has spent a lot of time studying native plants and she knew what it was straight away. We sat under that first snottygobble to have a break from hiking and eat some chocolate. I loved them from that moment on!

From Willow: Was there another job you wanted to do before you became a writer?

From Cristy: Yes! I always loved books and stories, but when I was a kid, before I dreamed of being a writer, I wanted to be 1) a kindy teacher and then 2) a book shop owner. I thought being a kindy teacher would be FUN, because little kids are so funny, and I thought being a bookshop owner would be AWESOME because I’d get to read all the latest books. Now, as a children’s writer, I get to hang out with kids AND read books. Heloo!?!? #perfectjob   Thanks for your question, Willow!!

From Sophie: How do I make my stories flow so they are understandable?

From Cristy: Wow. That is a super-tricky question!

I think the answer lies in a study of all the stories that have ever been told since the beginning of time. Because every time we sit down to tell a story, we get a little bit better at telling it. So over hundreds and thousands of years, we’ve evolved a story structure that seems to work best for our human way of thinking. If we stick to these ‘rules’ of structuring a story, the story seems to flow in an understandable way.

These rules are the same rules that your teachers teach you at school:

– Begin a story with a problem for your character
– Have your character try to solve the problem
– Complicate the problem until it’s so bad it seems impossible
– Then have your character solve the problem in a satisfying way…YAY!

If you stick to these rules, Sophie, your stories will begin to flow in an understandable way….(but you can also break the rules sometimes too, if you want :-))
I hope that helps…let me know what you think and if it helps you in your story writing journey 🙂

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