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Zeroes and Ones: The geeks, heroes and hackers who changed history (August 2018)

3D Zeroes-and-Ones.jpg

2019 Children’s Book Council of Australia – Notable Book

A fun, fast and furious ride through the ordinary people who created the technology revolution…

They spied and they stole.

They hatched ideas and built prototypes.

They were arrested, went broke, ate pizza and dreamed big.

And their achievements radically changed the way we live.

This book is about the creators of today’s digital technologies. It’s about the coders, the crackpots and the trailblazers. It’s about their failure and despair, their dedication and daring.

But most of all, it’s about what ordinary people can do with some creativity, determination, and a whole bunch of zeros and ones. People like you.

  • Great for kids who loving coding and computing, incredible facts and wild (but true) stories
  • Fantastic for teaching STEM and STEAM in the classroom

3D Off The Track.jpgOff the Track

Download a sample chapter

Buy Off The Track

A new adventure for young readers about falling in love with the bush, and with hiking and being in the wild.

It’s about disconnecting from technology.

And discovering yourself.

Harry’s perfect life was straying way off-track. He looked pleadingly at Mum. Surely she could see?

Spending an entire weekend tramping around stinking-hot, snake-filled scrub was a horrible mistake. But doing

it without a phone?

That was just brutal.
As it turns out, it was only the beginning …

Off The Track celebrates the Australian bush and the time-honoured tradition of a family hiking adventure. If you love hiking or camping or bush walking (especially on the Bibbulmun Track), you’ll love this…

Illustrated by Amanda Burnett.

Kids Reading Guide review

3D-ToTheLighthouse.jpgTo The Lighthouse

Download a sample chapter

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Shortlisted: 2019 West Australian Young Readers Book Award

Isaac arrives on the island hoping for an awesome holiday adventure, but his mum would rather he stayed inside, where it’s safe.

Then Isaac meets Emmy. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants – and she wants to have fun!

With Emmy daring him on, Isaac’s life gets more and more exciting.

But when things go horribly wrong on their secret midnight adventure, they both wonder whether this time they’ve gone too far …

Illustrated by Amanda Burnett.

A book about family, trust and being outdoors.

3D Alice and Bob.jpgThe Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob

Dedication, daring and discovery…

Ever wanted to find the answer to BIG questions?
Or dreamed of inventing the Next Big Thing?

The Universe is an amazing place, and we’re only beginning to understand it. There’s still so much to be discovered…

The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob is part-fiction, part-fact, and all fun.

  • Find out what Australia is doing in the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) project
  • Search for spin-off technologies from space research around the world
  • Follow the try-fail-try-again cycle of the scientific method as Alice and Bob cross space and time to get to their hockey match
  • Discover the true stories of serendipitous scientific discovery through history
  • Celebrate STEM and STEAM with free teaching notes for use in the classroom

Illustrated by Aśka.

Takeshita Demons cover

Takeshita Demons

Takeshita Demons 

“Two young girls being brave and clever without a hint of pink or glitter on the cover? Hooray!” – The Age

“This rollicking ride is totally deserving of the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Children’s Book Award” – The West Australian

A thrilling contemporary adventure wittily shot through with the powerful fantasy stories of the old demons from the Japanese past.” – Julia Eccleshare of LoveReading4Kids

Illustrated by Siku.

Winner of the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Book Award.

Buy Takeshita Demons


Takeshita Demons - The Filth Licker cover

The Filth Licker

Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker

“perfect for those that like their monsters gross rather than gory” Inis Magazine, Ireland

“highly original and wonderfully entertaining”  Spine Chills, Australia

“a fast-paced and hugely entertaining contemporary adventure.” LoveReading4Kids, UK

“a compulsive read.”Parents in Touch UK

“one of my favourite series for younger, confident readers.” My Favourite Book Blog

Illustrated by Siku.

Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri cover

Monster Matsuri

Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri

I really liked the first 2 instalments, but I LOVE this one!..Like Spirited Away combined with a Famous Five camaraderie” GoodReads

“This is one to give to the adventure loving nine or ten year old kid who likes being a little scared–some of the demons are more than somewhat frightening (although there’s no goryness).” – Charlotte’s Library

“As with the author’s two earlier Takeshita Demons titles this is a fast-paced, compulsive read that appeals to a wide audience; children as young as 8 or 9 through to adults. Each of the titles is a standalone read but the characters in the three are consistent. – Julia Eccleshare (children’s editor of the Guardian).

Illustrated by Siku.

Takeshita Demons: Mer-Monster


Takeshita Demons: MerMonster

Ever wish your favourite characters could get together one last time, for one more great adventure? 

In Takeshita Demons 4, Miku, Cait, Alex and the Filth Licker head under the oceans, to the Kingdom of the Dragon King, where they must rescue the last ningyo (Japanese mermaid), a creature who cries pearl tears and holds the key to immortality.

Fast and funnier than ever before!

A BONUS book in the Takeshita Demons series, only available online.

Buy the book – UK | Buy the book – US | Buy the book – Aus/NZ


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  1. I am so intrigue about your books. The covers look fantastic! I will be hunting these babies!

    PS: Yes, I am afraid of ghosts and evil spirits…but I chose to read on I am now one of your followers 🙂


  2. Will there be a takeshita demons 5


    • Hi Seth,
      Thanks so much for getting in touch!
      I’m sorry to say, there probably won’t be a Takeshita 5…I’ve had heaps of fun writing Takeshita Demons and I’m working on a new series right now… Watch this space… 🙂

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  3. i think when i visited you in the libary it was funny and interesting :] 😀


  4. this story sounds interesting :]


  5. Hi Cristy i forgot to tell you that i am one of the libary people from applecross primary i read one of your books an it was great i read the filth licker takeshita demons very very very good


    • Hey Ella! That’s terrific! Great to hear from you, and I’m so glad you liked my book! I had a great time talking to Applecross…I hope you’re writing some spooky monster stories? 🙂 Cristy


  6. I love your books Cristy keep up the good writing it is great!!!!


  7. lol :(:(:(:):):):):P:):P:P:P:>P:P


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