Cristy Burne

Fiona Wood: Inventor of spray-on skin

Fiona Wood cover 3DComing September 2020!


Written by Cristy Burne

Published by Wild Dingo Press, September 2020

About the book

An authorised biography of burns surgeon, inventor and Australian of the Year Professor Fiona Wood, written especially for ages 10+. An inspiring story of spirit and stamina, generosity and courage.


1962 ish“There’s no point sending Fiona to university”

The daughter of fifth generation Yorkshire coal miners, Fiona Wood learned early the value of hard work.  But she is just as likely to be found with her fists up in the playground as with her head down in a book.

Encouraged by her parents to tackle everything from ballet and athletics to street fighting and maths, Fiona grew up tough, relying on her family, her nerve and her unwavering faith in the value of hard work. Teased by others for wanting more than her tiny Yorkshire village could offer, Fiona always felt different. 

But, inspired by her brothers, and powered by her parent’s sacrifice, Fiona never stopped working, never stopped striving for better, for more, for the chance to do her best if the opportunity ever arose.

Part rebel, part role model, Fiona has one vital thing in her favour: no one can tell her what she can and can’t do. If she sees a problem, she stands up to do something about it. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way, not bullies, not prejudice, not power, not fear. Over and again she proves her tenacity by standing up for what she believes in and what she knows to be right.

Aust Day 2005 134 (3)

The path Fiona chooses isn’t often easy, but it is the path towards her dreams, towards doing what is right and living her best life.

 From defending the weak and fixing the broken to fighting for her chance to become a medical student and work as a surgeon, Fiona’s story shows us the value of daring, hard work and courage to do what is right.


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“I think everyone who meets Fiona comes away affected and uplifted. It was an extraordinary honour to work with Fiona to tell her story, and I recommend everyone has the chance to read it. She’s a wonder!” Cristy Burne (Disclaimer: I’m also the author, but OMG, Fiona is amazing and you should all read this book!)


Support the Fiona Wood Foundation

The Fiona Wood Foundation is dedicated to improving outcomes for people with burns. For more information or to help support the Fiona Wood Foundation’s life-saving work, please visit


Burns first aid

If you or one of your friends is burned, you can help by knowing what to do:


In a fire

Stop, drop and roll: Drop to the ground, cover your face, and roll away from the flames.


Five steps of burns first aid

For any type of burn injury:

  1. Remove wet clothing and constrictive jewellery.
  2. Cool the injury for 20 minutes under cold running water*.
  3. Cover the injury loosely with a clean wet cloth or towel.
  4. Keep the patient warm. (“Cool the burn, warm the patient“).
  5. Seek medical assistance.

*No cool running water? Wet two cloths and place them on the burn, alternating every two minutes.


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