Cristy Burne

Author, editor, science writer

Off The Track

3D Off The Track

Illustrated by Amanda Burnett.

Note from Cristy: I wrote this book to share my family’s camping joy, my passion for bush-walking, and my confusion about how to be a good parent in this age of internet-addiction (I’ve already  checked my phone about 20 times today). It’s funny and exciting and I hope it gets out out on the track!
Enjoy the read 🙂

Off The Track 

“This is such an authentic and adventurous book for Middle Primary youngsters – and all who love being out in the bush, and its magic, both day and night.” Jenni Woodroffe, IBBY Australia

“A beautifully written story, ideal for class discussions around the use of technology and the importance of reconnecting with nature. Highly Recommended.” CBCA Reading Time.

A new adventure for young readers about falling in love with the bush and being in the wild.

It’s about disconnecting from technology.

And discovering yourself.

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Harry’s perfect life was straying way off-track. He looked pleadingly at Mum. Surely she could see?

Spending an entire weekend tramping around stinking-hot, snake-filled scrub was a horrible mistake. But doing it without a phone?

That was just brutal.
As it turns out, it was only the beginning …

Off The Track celebrates the Australian bush and the time-honoured tradition of a family hiking adventure.

“Burne’s writing has an energy that is infectious, and the short chapters, sentence structure and pace will make the story manageable for early readers.” Books + Publishing 4-star review

“Embedded in the story are the themes of friendship as the two older women reconnect and their children become friends despite early difficulties. Surviving in the bush is subtly displayed throughout the story… We hear of the rules of staying together, of following the signs and of keeping safe in the bush. All forms a quiet underbelly of the story and readers will pick up these rules readily as they are wrapped up in an involving story which is dramatic and real.” Read Plus

“The least this book can do is give your phone-addicted child (and maybe you) an insight into how devastating the habit is to relationships and the ability to enjoy life around you. A great read for the junior reader, filled with adventure, humour and that little bit of intrigue.” Mums At The Table magazine

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“Harry thinks he’s in for the worst weekend ever when he has to go hiking and camping. No phone to play with?! Little does he know of the fun, scary, crazy adventure that awaits! This is a funny and informative story about getting away from it all.” Featured in Kids Book Review