Cristy Burne

Author, editor, science writer


Takeshita Demons: Mer-Monster


Ever wish your favourite characters could get together one last time, for one more great adventure?

Well, you’re reading the right series!

In Takeshita Demons 4, Miku, Cait, Alex and the Filth Licker head under the oceans, to the Kingdom of the Dragon King, where they must rescue the last ningyo (Japanese mermaid), a creature who cries pearl tears and holds the key to immortality. Fast and funnier than ever before!

Did you know? I wrote MerMonster after my UK publisher, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, asked me to extend the Takeshita Demons series.
Read about why I’ve self-published MerMonster.

US: Read MerMonster now

UK: Read MerMonster now

Australia: Read MerMonster now

From somewhere else in the world? Try reading MerMonster on Wattpad.

If you enjoy reading it, please let me know, or post a review, or tell your friends 🙂


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