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Monster Matsuri

Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri cover

“This is one to give to the adventure loving nine or ten year old kid who likes being a little scared–some of the demons are more than somewhat frightening (although there’s no goryness).” – Charlotte’s Library

“As with the author’s two earlier Takeshita Demons titles this is a fast-paced, compulsive read that appeals to a wide audience; children as young as 8 or 9 through to adults. Each of the titles is a standalone read but the characters in the three are consistent. 

This time Miku and her friends must solve the trail of clues to finally banish evil from their world. Manga style illustrations throughout complement the story brilliantly.” – Julia Eccleshare (children’s editor of the Guardian).

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Sneak peek…

Chapter One

My hands were sweaty and I realised I was clinging to the bag. “Ready?” I whispered.

Cait nodded, and Alex curved both hands round his body as if they were blades.

We were standing outside Alex’s bedroom door, and I was so close to Alex I could hear him breathe. A few months ago this would have been my worst nightmare, and I guess Alex would have felt the same way. There was a big sign on his door that said PRIVATE, NO GIRLS in enormous, black letters.

Cait was standing next to me in what she called her work uniform: jeans and a jumper, one size too small, so the enemy wouldn’t get a good grip. She looked ready for action.

Alex looked ready for bed. He was still in his pyjamas.

I cleared my throat. “Alex, are you ready?”

Alex circled his hands through the air, then he nodded without taking his eyes off the door. Our team was set.

I swallowed, and started the countdown.


I really liked the first 2 instalments, but I LOVE this one!..Like Spirited Away combined with a Famous Five camaraderie” 

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  3. Argh…2012…Thanks Tamara (have updated in the post)


  4. 2011 or 2012? The excerpt from The Filth Licker says 2012…


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