Cristy Burne

Author, editor, science writer

The Filth Licker

Cover for Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker (akaname yokai)

Takeshita Demons 2 – The Filth Licker

“perfect for those that like their monsters gross rather than gory” Inis Magazine, Ireland

“highly original and wonderfully entertaining”  Spine Chills, Australia

“a fast-paced and hugely entertaining contemporary adventure.” LoveReading4Kids, UK

“a compulsive read.”Parents in Touch UK

“one of my favourite series for younger, confident readers.” My Favourite Book Blog

“A trio of whirling weasel assassin spirits with Freddy Krueger–style claws ambush a Japanese-British child on an abandoned farm. Whoo-hoo!” Kirkus Reviews

Buy the book – UK | Buy the book – US | Buy the book – Aus/NZ

16 thoughts on “The Filth Licker

  1. And are you really THE crist burne???


  2. WOW! I read Takeshita Demons from the library and it’s so cool!!! i had no clue that there was a second until i read up until the end of the WHOLE book! thanks for writing such a BRILLIANT story but unfortunately, i wont be able to read the second…:(
    PS: I didn’t know there was a 3 as well!!!


    • Hey Masuma…I’m stoked that you liked Takeshita Demons 🙂 I do too 🙂 Hee hee. But seriously, if you ask your library to get a copy of #2 and #3, they just might. Libraries are great like that. You could also try to request a copy from other libraries…sometimes libraries share like that. Just ask your librarian and use your best pretty-please big eyes 🙂 Good luck!


  3. Hi SATs Papers,
    You should be able to get Takeshita Demons ‘from any good book store’ in the UK, but in reality not every book shop can stock every book. I recommend trying your local independant store: they should be able to order it in if they don’t have them in stock. Otherwise you can try online retailers.
    Thanks for your interest! I hope you enjoy the read!!



  4. Any idea where I can get this in the UK?


  5. OMG! i didn’t know there was a second AND a third too!!! I borrowed Takeshita Demons from the library and then again a while later in the year. I was amazed! I’ve wanted to be an author since i was 7 and now i’m almost elleven, and the book really inspired me! it is the bes’t book i’ve ever read! although i am a bit scared on nights and i’m always looking out the window for nukekubi… (SERIOSLY!!!)


    • YAY!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I really hope you can get the second book from your library too. Book 3 (Monster Matsuri) isn’t out till next year, so you’ll just have to wait 😉
      I’m also happy you want to be an author…it’s great fun! The best advice I can offer is to start now and keep writing a little each day. And write about the things you like or the things that scare you or whatever…so long as they’re things special to *you* your writing will shine!
      Good luck!!!!


  6. Woo hoo! THANKS JAMEL! You’ve made my day and it’s only 8 in the morning 🙂 Thanks!


  7. i have this book its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  11. Not that long now Neo! Wheeeee!


  12. Awwww! June 2011?! Wow thats a long way away…


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