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Bukit View Primary School author visit-9

Want me to visit your school? Fan-tabulous! I can do a presentation or run a workshop that will get your students enthused and excited about STEM and STEAM, creativity and writing. Check here for more information.

Want to send me a letter? YAY! Thank you! You can send your artwork, letters and adorable fan mail here:

PO Box 769 
Victoria Park WA 6979

Have a question?

Maybe it’s about writing fiction or non-fiction for kids, or about writing science?

Want to know more about science writing or creating children’s books?

Want to order some signed books?

Do you have a science writing project you’d like to bounce around?

I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

And I always truly-rooly do write back.

Go on! Get in touch! 



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