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Please feel free to use these activity ideas and curriculum-linked teaching notes in your classroom and home… and don’t forget to ask me questions or share your work with me. I love to see it!

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Teaching notes, classroom ideas and activities…

Off The Track – teaching notes and classroom ideas

Off the Track teaching notes

To The Lighthouse – teaching notes and classroom ideas
(Plus check out these amazing To The Lighthouse classroom art and science ideas…)

To The Lighthouse teaching notes.jpg

To The Lighthouse – Design your own holiday adventure activity sheet

To The Lighthouse activity sheetS.jpg

Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob – teaching notes and classroom ideas

Cosmic Adventures teaching notes.jpg

Takeshita Demons – teaching notes and classroom ideas

Takeshita Demons classroom ideas

Takeshita Demons – Invent your own demon worksheet

Takeshita Demons invent your own demon worksheet

Takeshita Demons – Activity ideas

  • Monster memory game
    Illustrated with scary artwork from 18th Century artist Toriyama Sekien, this monster memory game will test your memory and introduce you to some of the more obscure mythical creatures in Japan.
  • Creative writing prompts
    Can you write a new ending to these traditional Japanese ghost stories? Download worksheets for MUJINA and THE MIRROR AND THE BELL story starters, both from 1903 text Kwaidan.
  • Monster self-introductions: in English or Japanese hiragana.
    Invent and introduce a monster to your friends.
  • Hiragana word search
    Test your hiragana knowledge and find the demons. Download a PDF of the worksheet and separate answers.
  • Papier mache daruma
    Make a papier mache daruma and learn about a daruma’s eyes.
  • Colouring in sheets
    Colour in a watery kappa or a firey hannya.

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