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Teaching notes and activities

Encourage creativity, scientific literacy and critical thinking skills with these teaching notes…

10 tips for writing great stories.

8 tips for writing short stories.

F.A.S.T ideas for researching stories

Creative writing techniques for hot D.A.T.E.S

Teaching notes

Want everything in one document? This list of hands-on activities, brainstormed ideas and curriculum-linked teaching notes is an all-in-one STEAM education resource for your classroom.

Want to explore? Just click the book cover ūüôā
Encourage creativity, scientific literacy and critical thinking skills…

Japanese mythology and creative writing

Science writing and journalism

When I’m not writing fiction, I work as a journalist, science writer and magazine editor. You can check out some of my articles and encourage your kids to ask me anything about being a journalist.

Wow… You made it all the way down here! I’m thinking you’re the owner of a particularly inquisitive mind. Nice one! Want to spread the creativity-and-curiosity good vibes? Invite me to speak at your next event.

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