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Things that go bump in the night…Words Go Round at UWCSEA, Singapore

Hello everyone from UWCSEA!

Are you cleaning your bathrooms? Are you taking care of your umbrella? Are you reading late at night, all alone under the covers, listening to your house creak and leaves rustle and creatures move…?

Are you writing some spooky stories to scare your friends (and me!)?

Thanks for a great day at your ENORMOUS school…I nearly got lost in the swimming pool!

Happy writing!


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“Writing with artefacts” workshop at CHIJ Kellock, Singapore

Hello to all the creative writers at CHIJ Kellock! Thanks so much for having me at your school, and for sharing your funny, imaginative and spooky stories (and I loved reading your poems out the front of the school too!).

Keep up the great writing!


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And more from the Singapore Writers Festival: Words Go Round!

Hi to the kids from Chatsworth East International School! Thanks for a great couple of days!!

One of the best things about being a children’s author is inspiring other children to write down their incredibly cool ideas. Each workshop, I’m always amazed by how many different ideas can come from the same few objects. And so many terrific stories…
Keep writing you guys! Write diaries, write poems, write me emails…and one day, I’ll be reading your books 🙂

Thanks to the National Arts Council of Singapore for creating such incredible opportunities for children and writers alike!