Cristy Burne

Tyrannosaurs: Meet my text panels – the Australian Museum tyrannosaurs exhibition


I’ve been working this year with the Australian Museum (and my kids) to write the text panels for their new TYRANNOSAURS: MEET THE FAMILY exhibition, and it’s about to open!

It’s going to be incredible, with some real surprises and unusual experiences in store for punters, plus, of course, it’s chockas with informative, witty, succinct and fascinating text panels 😉 (Ahem, now, where did I put my trumpet?)

But seriously. Go see it if you can. It’s really cool, and I learned a lot of things about dinosaurs along the way. Writing for the museum was a terrific experience and I was lucky to work with a great team of creative minds. MY FAVOURITE THING!

Tyrannosaurs, exclusive to the Australian Museum in Sydney, is the first exhibition in the world to shine a light on this legendary dinosaur family. If you thought you knew tyrannosaurs, think again.

Tyrannosaur eats kids

Me and the kids at Universal Studios in Singapore…The Australian Museum exhibition is going to be even tastier!

The Museum are flying in fossilised T-rex specimens from North America, and smaller feathery ancestors recently found in Northwestern China; there will also be life-sized skeletons and models, fossilised pre-digested stomach contents (if you’re into that sort of thing), and a machine that lets you gauge the bite-force of a T-rex (roughly 6 tonnes of pressure) against your own.

Date 23 Nov-27 Jul 2014

Open Daily 9.30am-5pm