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Happy snaps from the 2012 Perth Writers Festival Family Day

Who thinks the Perth Writers Festival rocks?

It was awesome!!! I want a writers festival every weekend please!!!

My presentation was on the beautiful Tropical Grove Stage, which looked and felt like a jungle clearing.

It was the perfect setting to tell spooky stories of Miku’s school camp (and my school camp!) and I think everybody jumped (or laughed) in all the right places.

And then I stepped in something gross...

Thanks to everyone who came along…

I really appreciate it and hope you had a great time. I sure did. It was fab to meet so many keen readers and to talk books and writing and wild imaginations with you all.

I’m both sorry and stoked that Filth Licker sold out.

I’m stoked cause that means you liked my presentation, and I’m sorry cause some of you had to miss out.

If you wanted a copy and didn’t get one, you can order one from your local bookstore, and if it’s anywhere near Perth I’ll try to pop into the store and sign it for you.

Thanks again for your support and smiles and for laughing at my jokes 🙂 (And thanks to the Perth Writers Festival volunteers and staff for making the day really special!)


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Spotted: The Filth Licker at Next Page Please, Takapuna, New Zealand


My Mum and Dad recently travelled to New Zealand to watch (and celebrate) as the All Blacks won the World Cup (All Blacks: if you’re reading this, my Dad is your #1 Fan!!).

While in NZ, they went shopping for a terrific kids picture book called Roadworks, which they found at this great childrens bookshop: Next Page Please.
(You can also get the Maori version of Roadworks at Next Page Please).

Fergus LOVES reading Roadworks and I love reading it to him, not only because it’s fun to read, with lots of rumbly jumbly roadworksy words, and not only because when we read it, he gets so excited he has to jump off the couch and run around the room shouting out the words (NO ONE WANTS A CRASH!), but also because it reminds me that my books are actually real and actually out there, in bookshops like this one.

How cool is that!!!???

And what a lovely place to shop for books…. I want to visit!!!

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More from Childrens Book Week

Can you pick the severed head?

Willetton Library Burrendah Primary students for Childrens Book Week Another great day for Childrens Book Week…thanks everybody!

I was really happy to get this picture of some of the Burrendah Primary kids at Willetton Library today with their 2-fruit and 5-vege *and* a severed head. Awesome!

And I’m also stoked with this great review of Filth Licker on the Spine Chills blog. YAY!!!

Below is a taste of the review: you can show it to your parents to prove that there isn’t any really horrible stuff  in Takeshita Demons, just spooky bathroom-cleaning stuff ;-))

“one of the rare horror stories that you can safely hand to younger readers without fear of threats from angry parents, but at the same time is genuinely packed full of spooky stuff. This is a series that is both highly original and wonderfully entertaining”


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Let the Book Week begin!

Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker launches in Oz!

Woo hoo!

Childrens Book Week has begun! I spent this morning at Belmont’s Ruth Faulkner Public Library with students in Year 6 and 7 and it was terrific fun!

It’s SO GOOD to scare readers share with readers some of the legends behind the Japanese demons from my books.

The kids had heaps of great questions and did a great job answering librarian Edith’s questions in a pop quiz at the end.

And now I can rest at night knowing they are safe. Now EVERYBODY knows what to do when they meet a kappa, how to respond to the kuchi-sake-onna, and what food to serve when a fox comes to dinner 🙂

Phew! My work here is done 😉


The Filth Licker on Facebook! Share your akaname and yokai links…

Cover for Takeshita Demons: The Filth LickerHooray! Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker is published today in the UK!!

Have you got your copy?



Any yokai or monster trivia you want to share?

Any cool filth-licker links to pass on?

Check out the Filth Licker on Facebook ( and add your questions and cool demon facts to our wall!

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8 bits of great news: HOORAY!

Keukegen demonLong time – no post! But I have heaps of great news to make up for it:

GREAT NEWS #1: Takeshita Demons and The Filth Licker are being translated into Indonesian! YAY!

GREAT NEWS #2: I’m performing at the Perth Writer’s Festival on Family Day: YAY! More details soon…

GREAT NEWS #3: I’m also appearing at the 2011 All Saint’s College Literature Festival. YAY!

GREAT NEWS #4: I’m getting heaps of fan mail from readers who love Takeshita Demons AND those with advance copies of Filth Licker…YAY!!

GREAT NEWS #5: I’m totally booked out for Children’s Book Week 2011 (in August!)…and there are more bookings coming for school hols YAY!

GREAT NEWS #6: I’ve had some great ideas for finishing off Monster Matsuri (Takeshita Demons book 3) and that will be rip roaring to my editor by year end

GREAT NEWS #7: The first review of Filth Licker is up: “some shocking twists and a fantastically involving story…” YAY!

GREAT NEWS #8: I spoke to a group of Year 9s and 10s at the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre last week about Japanese yokai, mythology, history and how it informed and inspired Takeshita Demons. They were a great group and we had lots of laughs. Plus I got to eat proper Japanese bakery goods AND a scrummy bento. YUM!


So all-in-all a terrific few weeks…Super busy! And this week is the SCBWI WA Christmas Party too, so everything is happening at once. I *LOVE* hanging out with other people who love childrens books!


Book Cover Wars! Win a copy of Charlie Higson’s The Enemy

Takeshita Demons – The Filth Licker is part of the Book Cover Wars at the fabulous Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books. Head over there, check out the covers, and vote for your chance to win a signed copy of Charlie Higson’s The Enemy. You can vote and win wherever you live: awesome!

Round one books are:

Book One: Cristy Burne – Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker (June 2011)

Book Two: Tom Percival – Tobias and the Spooky Ghost Book (Sept 2010)

Book Three: Steve Feasey – Changeling: Zombie Dawn (2011)

Book Four: Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson – The Familiars (Sept 2010)

To win, all you need to do is:

  • vote for your favourite book cover
  • leave a comment or send a tweet about the Book Cover Wars through Twitter
  • sit back, watch the voting develop and wait to hear whether you’ve won!