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Lucky 13 Halloween activity ideas involving Japanese monsters

A cross between a nukekubi, a nopperabo and slenderman?

A cross between a nukekubi, a nopperabo and slenderman?

It’s that spooky time of year again!
If you’re in to Halloween, check out some of these spooky posts:

Learn more about Japanese mythology when you check out my top five demons and some examples of super-cool Japanese demon anatomy.

If you’re studying Japan or Japanese and want to procrastinate your way through the Halloween season but still learn something, try studying Japanese yokai in this great memory game or find the yokai demons while you practise your hiragana, or learn about luck in this Japanese demons webquest.

Want a writing or illustrating activity for Halloween? Take the Halloween drawing challenge, or make your own monster, in Japanese and English.

You can read my favourite Japanese ghost stories here and here and check out these spooky Japanese proverbs.

And if you want more, try these 5 places to find strange and scary Japanese ghost stories.

And finally, for your own safety this season, 4 ways to recognise a Japanese iso-onna vampire and 8 signs that your snail is an ogre.

Have a great Halloween and happy reading!

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