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Why so silent? I’m pregnant with #2! (and it’s not a book)

Hello all you lovely loyal followers,

My apologies for the silence echoing from these pages in recent weeks/months…I really haven’t felt up to it.

In fact, I’ve spent an inordinate number of hours lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself, or stuffing my face with whatever protein is available (meat, mostly meat, great chunks of it)(and we usually eat very little meat).

So yes, I’m thrilled to officially announce that we are 12 weeks pregnant with #2!!!

All is (thankfully) going well and I’m feeling better and better by the day. My lovely husband has been a trooper. Right now he’s off to buy Magnums because I really feel like eating Magnums, but he’s also been Chief Chef, Chief Fergus Entertainer, Chief Putter-Upper-With-My-Moaning, and for that I am forever grateful. My mum and mum-in-law and Nan have also been wonderful…THANK YOU LADIES!!! I love you all!!!

Cristy Burne at All Saints Literature FestivalThanks also to everyone I spoke with at the All Saints Literature Festival: I know that sometimes I may have looked a little green, and now you know that it wasn’t just my own scary stories turning my stomach!!

So I hope to be a little more vocal in posting Takeshita Demons news, scary Japanese mythology and family news.