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Rush to the printer!

This last couple of weeks has been BLISS!

– We finally moved into our new place, which is fabulous (it feels like we’re on permanent beach holiday, even though the beach is miles away). We’re exploring the local area, which is flush with cafes and a local supermarket and has an awesome library within walking distance (woo hoo!)

A sculpture of the nureonna "Woman of the Wet" (the Takeshita Demons version is much prettier, I'm sure you will agree ;-))

– We started out with limited internet access, and I didn’t really miss it, hence the New Plan to have two computers: one with net access for playing, and one without for working.  The system is on trial and I like it.

– We’ve started painting Fergus’ room and one wall is frog green (YAY!), and so is my right thigh, flashes of the sposed-to-still-be-white walls, the underside of both feet, bits of hair, and myriad Small Places Deep Inside My Fingernails. I know. Paint is truly a miracle.

– We’ve accepted an offer on our apartment (WOO through the new roof HOO!) so fingers crossed that doesn’t fall in a screaming heap and leave me weeping and tearing out my newly green hair.

– I spent HOURS DAYS WEEKS HOURS proofing the final pages of Takeshita Demons and found a few typos and one major consistency error (the Deputy Head magically changed names halfway through the book…she’s not a huge character in Book 1 but appears again in Book 2, so I’m glad we got it right!)

– The editorial/art team at Frances Lincoln HQ is whizzing around doing last minute printerly things. YE GAD! Apparently the sales team are keen as paint to get their hands of flashy all-shiny-new versions of the printed book, which has got to be good news 🙂

– And in the Wild Rumours category: Apparently a HUGE VERY WELL KNOWN film company wants to take a look at the TD manuscript. YAY! And although I’m not banking the massive film rights cheque just yet, it is flattering to think about. Just as winning Lotto is nice to think about. Or a world where nice things always happen to nice people is nice to think about. And that’s about enough time spent thinking wildly improbable thoughts. Cut. That’s a wrap people. (hee hee)

– So…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My first book is nearly at the printer. It’s a lovely feeling. I feel like a Proper Writer. Please queue here for a limited edition sample of green hair.