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Singapore Writers Festival: Words Go Round

Singapore Words Go Round logoYay! The programme for the Singapore Writers Festival Words Go Round school program is up. It’s happening in late February, early March 2013, and some awesome writers from all around the world will be there (including me :-))

Kate McCaffrey

Kate McCaffrey, looking anything but angsty. 🙂

Also attending from Australia is the fabulous YA mistress-of-angst Kate McCaffrey, who will also be giving the opening address at an incredible day-long public event: the WGR Literary Open House, a day dedicated to young writers and readers. If you’re in Singapore on March 2 2013, be there! It’s going to be huge.

I’m offering a couple of sessions for kids in Grades P4-6:

From vampires and zombies to bean-shakers and talking umbrellas, the world’s mythical creatures have inspired generations of authors. Join Cristy Burne, author of the Takeshita Demons series, in a lively discussion of Japan’s monsters, how to survive them, and what they can teach us about history, culture and the human condition.

Have you ever rung an old bell, then imagined who might have rung it before you? Or perhaps you’ve read an old postcard, then felt the ghost of its writer beside you? Some objects seem to carry their own history, and in this creative writing workshop, we open a window into their past. Students interact with ancient and peculiar artefacts, combining history with fantasy to write their own exciting stories.

Fergus helps me research some science…He also loves dinosaurs, dolphins and How Things Work by Richard Scarry 🙂

TWO BITES OF THE APPLE: Combining science and literacy in the classroom
There’s also a programme for teachers, in which I’ll be presenting a hands-on professional development workshop on combining science and literacy in the classroom.

I call it Two Bites of the Apple, since I’m hoping to explore ways in which we can tick science learning objectives along with English learning objectives in the same lesson.

And why not? Some of the world’s best scientists are also great communicators, and science is a language that unites us all.  A couple of quotes that get right to the heart of it:

“Science immerses children in content that is so interesting and important to them that they want to learn about it, which motivates them to read.” Dr John T. Guthrie, University of Maryland, Literacy Research Center.

“Not only is reading critical to the learning of science, science is critical to the learning of reading.” Dr Rowena Douglas, National Science Teachers Association, Canada.

What do you think? Sounds fun? I think so and I can’t wait 🙂 🙂


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Children’s Book Week! Competitions! Singapore! Science! Literacy!

Melville Civic Square Library artYAY! It’s my favourite time of year: Children’s Book Week!

That means stacks of exciting stuff is happening at your local library. Pop in and ask about storytelling sessions, meeting your favourite authors, literacy workshops, and more.

Children’s Book Week..Am I heading your way?

For me that means August is chocka-block with school and library visits. I get to scare heaps of kids, and make them laugh, and inspire them to get writing and drawing (and if you like to draw, like the kids at Melville’s Civic Square Library, check out our MONSTER drawing and art competition for young writers and artists).

I’ll be at libraries across Melville, Kwinana, Girrawheen, Osborne Park, Scarborough, Bentley, South Perth and Bayswater. I hope to see you there!

State Library of Queensland and the Brisbane Writers Festival: Online Literature Festival

If you live in Queensland, you’re in luck!

Schools across Queensland can do workshops with children’s writers and illustrators as part of the Online Literature Festival for FREE!

Heaps of awesome writers and illustrators will be there, and you get to ask them questions and hear them talk, all from the comfort of your classroom. Easy!

Check out the timetable to book: Jackie French and Andy Griffiths are booked out, but you can see heaps of other great talent (including me :-)).

Teacher’s PD workshops: Science and literacy

Since I’m a bizarre hybrid of science-writer and demon-writer, I’m also keen to share ideas on using science, history and culture to inspire fictional writing. This means I talk a lot about using non-fiction to inspire fiction, and what better way to do it than with a hands-on teacher’s workshop.

I’m offering this workshop (free!) as part of the Online Literature Festival: the focus is on concrete ways to combine science and literacy in the classroom:

Cristy Burne will talk about ways to combine science and literacy in the classroom. With degrees in science and science communication and experience in science writing and fiction writing, Cristy has a wealth of ideas to share with teachers. Cristy will demonstrate a few cheap and easy classroom experiments then talk about ways to involve literacy skills in the activity.

Words Go Round 2013: Singapore Writers Festival

And I am thrilled to announce that I’ll also be part of the incredible Words Go Round festival as part of the Singapore Writers Festival in 2013.

The festival features international and Singaporean writers, writing in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, and it’s all organised for young writers and readers.

I can’t wait!!

Happy Children’s Book Week everyone!