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Takeshita Demons fan art: nukekubi nightmares!

How’s your 2015 shaping up? Invented anything crazy yet?

I’m writing a manuscript with my five-year-old, which is quite an entertaining process. He has some off-the-wall ideas, which is just what I need for this book!

If you’re feeling creative, why not give yourself ten minutes to play on paper. Maybe try drawing something crazy-fun, like these awesome yokai artworks.

Thanks to Takeshita Demons fans for sharing their fab work! I love it! Spooky stuff!!

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Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri hits the streets (and reveals a few secrets)(if you can find the clues)

ImageMonsterous birthday to you!

Monsterous birthday to you!

Monsterous birthday to you-oooo

Hooray! My third book, Monster Matsuri, is out in the UK!

Wheee! I’m so excited. It’s pretty awesome to see all three books lined up. Plus Monster Matsuri was so much fun to write.

Monster What?
Monster Matsuri: It means Monster Festival in Japanese, and if you’re about 8 to 12 years old and like adventure, suspense (and a whole stack of spooky Japanese ogres, ghosts, demons and mythical creatures), then you should totally buy Monster Matsuri for your friend and then borrow it from them after.

The clues are piling up…
A lot of fans have a lot of questions about Miku and her family ghosts, and in Monster Matsuri, at last, I think I might have revealed enough clues for you to figure out some answers.
Why are the demons hunting Miku? What makes her family so special? What secrets have yet to be revealed?

And for buffs of Japanese history and mythology…
I’ve borrowed heavily from Japanese myths and legends in writing this book. I’m expecting you guys to be first to figure out which stories I’ve used, which legends I’ve twisted, and what secrets the Takeshita family might be hiding…

Want more? LIKE Monster Matsuri on Facebook to hear all the latest news, see cover roughs, inspirations, reviews and more.

Monsterous birthday to you!

Monsterous birthday to you!

Monsterous birthday to you-oooo


Takeshita Demons: Indonesian cover

Takeshita Demons is out in Indonesia, with a new cover! Check out that spooky yuki-onna Snow Woman top-left. *gulp*

What do you think? I’m pretty excited 🙂

In other news, Monster Matsuri is being sent to the printers this week.

Plus,  I’m four chapters in to a new and exciting book idea. No demons this time, just chickens, fences, a celebrity chef and a shovel.

Note to self: I’d be five chapters in to a new and exciting book idea if I wasn’t writing this post. GO BACK AND WRITE!

OK self.



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Takeshita Demons 4: draft zero!


A fisherman farewells the Dragon King and his castle; by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, 1886


For the last few months I’ve been beavering away at Takeshita Demons 4, tentatively titled Mer-monster. It’s mostly set underwater, in the palace of the Dragon King.

This is the book I worked on at the SCWBI Rottnest Retreat, huddled in my cabin with the heater raging after dark.

This is also the book I have been working on during Art Dates with the fabulous Shirley Marr, raging YA writer and author of Fury. Shirley and I have been meeting at TxtSHOTS, which comes totally recommended to anyone wanting great food, great coffee, great chilli hot chocolate,  and a great space in which to work all day (powerpoints included!).

I’ve also been working on this book after gym sessions, while Fergus is still in creche. And at lunchtimes, when Fergus is napping. And at home, on the days when my fab hubby has Fergus at the zoo or in the garden or deeply into Duplo (thank you!!).

And the prognosis?

I”m please to say that draft zero is nearly FINISHED!!!


The Dragon King, by DR Studios

I love the manuscript! There’s a couple of chapters to go and I can see the end in sight. And it’s all on track 🙂 HOORAY!

Hooray (and thank goodness) for the good times!

The times when the writing won’t flow and the plot won’t work and I bite my nails and haunt the fridge and generally mope…

are nothing compared to

…the times when my fingers fly across the keyboard and the right words spring into my head and the hours pass without me noticing (I even laugh at my own jokes). These happy times are the drug of being a writer.

But what to do AFTER Mer-monster is finished?

How to begin again? There’s a long editorial process about to start on Mer-Monster, but already, I’m worried about what to do next.  If I leave it too long to start a new project, I’ll end up too scared to even begin.

Being a writer is very strange.


Cover art for Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri – what do you think?

Woo hoo! This week I can give you a sneak peek at the cover art for Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri

The sneakiest peek goes to the My Favourite Books blog, who feature an interview with me this week and showcase the new cover as part of it…

…but…for those of you who haven’t yet seen…

HERE IT IS! And I love it!!! (Especially the colours…but you’ll figure out why when you read the book :-))
What do you think?

Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri cover

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Guest blogging for the Christchurch Kids Blog…all this month

Want to discover some new Japanese demons and monsters?

Want to hear about some spooky Japanese superstitions and proverbs?

Want to win a copy of Takeshita Demons?

All this month I’m blogging as a Star Author for the Christchurch Kids Blog

I’ll cover all the above topics and more, so head on over and join in the fun.

And in more exciting news…

I’m working on Takeshita Demons 4 – working title: MER-MONSTER!!! It’s going really well and I’m excited! Woo hoo!


The Filth Licker on Facebook! Share your akaname and yokai links…

Cover for Takeshita Demons: The Filth LickerHooray! Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker is published today in the UK!!

Have you got your copy?



Any yokai or monster trivia you want to share?

Any cool filth-licker links to pass on?

Check out the Filth Licker on Facebook ( and add your questions and cool demon facts to our wall!