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Photo shoot with a tyrannosaur

I’ve been working for several months now on the text for an awesome exhibition at the Australian Museum about tyrannosaurs, and our house is now awash with tyrannosaurs.

So, it’s only natural to take our Tyrannosaurus rex for a photo shoot. I thought I’d share the results, cause they’re incredibly unscientific, and the kids and I had a ball! In fact we all had a ball, except for the ankylosaurus 🙂

The ankylosaurus, grazing in the wild.

The ankylosaurus, grazing in the wild.

tyrannosaurus camoflage

The tyrannosaurus demonstrating its incredible camoflage when fossilised.

tyrannosaurus closeup

Note the massive head balancing the long tail (this shoot may be unscientific, but we still shun the old-fashioned kangaroo-pose)

tyrannosaurus hunting ankylosaurus

The ankylosaurus is on borrowed time. Our tyrannosaur is closing in….

Tyrannosaurus on the moon.

Randomly, kangaroo-style tyrannosaur makes it to the moon.


And *sigh*…That was delicious! (Note the pneumatic skull, the robust jaw, the satisfied post-ankylosaurus grin.)