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How to build a time machine

To celebrate the launch of The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob, I recently worked with the amazing book club kids at the Amherst Village Library to design and build some incredible time machines.


Of course, constructing time machines is a top secret process, so I’ve only included the ‘before’ shots. And a couple of biographies of the creators (all encrypted, of course). And some blueprints I managed to smuggle out.

We had a load of fun, with huge thanks to Shannon for the incredible musical entertainment!

And a warning: do try this at home! Or at a creative workshop near you… You’re bound to create something amazing.

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“Writing with artefacts” workshop at CHIJ Kellock, Singapore

Hello to all the creative writers at CHIJ Kellock! Thanks so much for having me at your school, and for sharing your funny, imaginative and spooky stories (and I loved reading your poems out the front of the school too!).

Keep up the great writing!