Cristy Burne

Author, editor, science writer

The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob


Dedication, daring and discovery…

Ever wanted to find the answer to BIG questions?
Or dreamed of inventing the Next Big Thing?

The Universe is an amazing place, and we’re only beginning to understand it. There’s still so much to be discovered…

The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob is part-fiction, part-fact, and all fun.

Created as a collaboration with the amazing illustrator Aska (watch this space…she’s going to have an incredible career!) and the star-gazing team of communicators and creators at CAASTRO, this book is SO exciting to look at and loads of fun to read.

  • Join Alice and Bob on their ambitious journey to the hockey finals
  • Uncover true stories of scientific failure, fluke and fame
  • Find the everyday inventions that began with space research
  • Meet the world’s next-generation telescopes, jump on board with Citizen Science, and tackle the big questions with CAASTRO: Australia’s keen team of all-sky astronomers.

Free teaching notes

A great addition to your copy of The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob are these great Alice and Bob_teaching_notes: find the hidden quotes, discover the meaning of otherwise random numbers, and inspire more creativity and innovation in your kids.

Where can you get a copy?

Good question! Contact CAASTRO for more information.