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"A rollicking ride for both the main characters and the reader… I was captured from the beginning to the end." ReadPlus

I write books for kids who like funny STEM adventures

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Choose to make a difference

We all want to live creatively and courageously. My job is to inspire kids to do just that. 

I work on the intersection of story, science, technology and creativity. My work is all about enthusing kids to play an active part in their world. My focus is on empowering our next generation of science-savvy citizens to create their own stories. And that’s all about having fun.

That’s why I choose to use my platform as a science writer and children’s author to inspire four superpowers:

  • Creativity: innovating and thinking outside the box;
  • Courage: being brave enough to try, and resilient enough to bounce back;
  • Compassion: living with kindness and empathy; and
  • Capability: falling in love with learning

Because stories are a superpower in themselves. Stories are all about having a voice, and hearing others’ voices too. And that’s incredibly powerful.

If you have any questions or would just like to say hi, I’d love to hear from you. (And yes, I’m double-vaxed and covid-boosted 💕)

Become part of something bigger

I create children’s books about adventure, friendship, family, nature, science, technology and more.

I write funny books for ten-year-olds. I write adventure books for eight-year-olds. I write science books for twelve-year-olds. I write exciting books for kids who don’t like reading, science biographies for kids who like non-fiction, magical adventures for girls and boys. They’re books that make you laugh, They’re books that make you think. They’re stories that invite you to be part of our world (and to create your place within it).

I’m passionate about literacy and scientific literacy. My fiction and non-fiction children’s books have been published internationally, with titles shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year, the Wilderness Society’s Environment Prize, the WA Young Reader’s Book Awards, and the Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book awards.

Science, wonder and FUN!

Cristy Burne hairy feet.jpgSolving our real-world problems requires creative application of STEM concepts. We need innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to evolve and improve our technology offerings. We need courageous, active citizens of the world to stand up and play their part. That’s why I’m so passionate about blending STEM, literacy, storytelling and creativity to enthuse, engage and empower. 

I have degrees in biotechnology and science communication and a Master of Arts in Professional Communication. I’m also a past editor of Scientriffic, CERN’s iSGTW, and Scitech’s Particle. I believe we need courage to live sustainably and I’m all about inspiring young people to live their best life.

I’ve worked as a science communicator for 20 years across six countries. I’ve been a science circus performer, garbage analyst, museum writer, and atom-smashing reporter at CERN, but my all-time favourite job is working with kids to embrace the intersection between science, technology, creativity and storytelling.

I’m a dynamic, energetic and interactive speaker entirely unknown for my skills in the kitchen. I’m based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I love chocolate. And I’m always working on my next book.

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Storytelling: first imagination, then innovation

Give a kid a book for their next birthday. It won’t break, it’s not plastic, and it will open their mind to new worlds and new ideas. Whether you’re looking for kids who are reluctant readers, kids who are learning to read, or kids who read all the time…there’s a book for you!

Recommended reading for boys and girls

Thank you so much to everyone who takes time to post a review of one of my books or presentations… It means so much to read your words and be part of your journey. And your book recommendations help other kids find books they might enjoy.

THANK YOU for taking the time to help spread good things in to the world.

Play, learn, create

Check out these great classroom ideas for inspiring kids to explore science, creativity and literature, developed with creativity and science literacy in mind. Most are based on my books for kids and younger readers.

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I’d love to talk about how I can help you inspire your people and bring the science-and-tech creativity-and-courage va-va-voom to your next event, whether it’s a real-life keynote, a virtual workshop, or something we haven’t dreamed up yet… 

* STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

** STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths

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