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Zeroes and Ones

Zeroes and Ones cover 3DWritten by Cristy Burne
Published by Brio Books, August 2018

ISBN: 9781925589399 (paperback)

Weird facts and cool stories about the invention of computers. This is a non-fiction book about the history of computing. It’s a great book for kids who love facts. It’s also pretty funny (I think :-)).

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notable book CBCA stickerNotable Book, 2019 Children’s Book Council of Australia

Shortlist, 2019 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards

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About Zeroes and Ones: The geeks, heroes and hackers who made history

Fuelled by pizza, late nights and unparalleled geekery, this is the history of some of the world’s most important milestones in the development of technology – from the earliest computers made of light bulbs and an old tin to Wikileaks and smartphones.

  • Packed with weird facts, astonishing tidbits and extraordinary anecdotes.
  • A celebration of creative thinking, persistence, collaboration, passion and curiosity.
  • The people who created today’s technology are just like you. Find out who they were, what they did and how they changed history.

I wrote this book to help prepare young readers for a changing future, where thinking in different ways and being creative is just as vital as cultivating a love for science, technology, engineering and maths.  


4 out of 5 stars. Zeroes and Ones is a history of the most exciting milestones in computing. It spans from Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine and Ada Lovelace’s first theoretical computer program to the baby steps of quantum computing being explored today. The book is engagingly written and peppered with quirky facts and anecdotes. The ideas are presented in language that makes them feel accessible and exciting. – Junior Books+Publishing

‘A fascinating middle-grade book with so many facts about the invention of the computer, starting from the 1800s and going through to today. A brilliant book for young readers who want to learn more about technology and how things work.’ Junior Writers Club

‘The author’s amusing, hip writing style being sure to resonate with young, switched-on readersI would recommend this captivating book to everyone who has held a digital device of any kind in the past twenty years! This intriguingly delightful book is utterly absorbing, and ever so slightly scary. Highly recommended. Magpies magazine

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