Cristy Burne

Author, editor, science writer

Off The Track

Amanda Burnett cover draft cropOff the Track (Coming in June)

From Fremantle Press: Last year’s junior fiction hit was To the Lighthouse by Cristy Burne. If you’ve ever seen Cristy present to kids you’ll know why her books are so much fun – because she is!

Off the Track is her new adventure story for younger readers. It’s about a young city kid, Harry, who has been dragged along on a hiking trip with his phone-addicted mum, his mum’s bestie Ana, and Ana’s daughter Deepika.

Disaster strikes when Harry and Deepika get lost.

Or is it Mum and Ana who are lost?

Off The Track celebrates the Australian bush and the time-honoured tradition of a family hiking adventure.

Illustrated by Amanda Burnett.